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Here at SAL we supply, install and wall mount the very latest Samsung, LG and Panasonic High Definition and 4K  Smart TV sets. Smart TV’s are the future of in-home viewing and give you the option of watching what you want to see at any time of the day. These devices have a higher focus on online interactive media and Internet TV, as well as on demand streaming media such as BBC’s IPlayer and On4Demand – all in crystal clear High Definition. Other great App’s that are available via your Smart TV’s internet streaming function include YouTube, LoveFilm, NetFlix and Vimeo.

As well as offering you these great new features, Smart TV’s also integrate terrestrial Freeview TV – so you can continue to watch your favourite programmes through BBC, ITV, Channel 4 et al as and when you like.

Contact us now on 01843 865673 for more information on our wide range of Samsung, LG and Panasonic HD and Smart TV’s. We can provide you with free quotations for a complete media package for your home, business or new build projects.

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