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If you are thinking of gate automation for a property, SAL provides you with professional and experienced installer advice. We have been installing gate automation for over 10 years in private houses, schools, farms, factory sites and housing developments.

Important aspects to consider before purchasing gate automation: 

Opening Method: Do you require a swing gate or sliding gate?

Useage: 24v or mains powered? 

Entry/Exit: Zapper in/out, inductive loop exit, linked to door entry, traffic light system? 

Suitable Gate Design: Wooden, Metal, Swing. Sliding?

The list goes on but for SAL it’s all in a days work, so before any system is installed it is essential a survey is carried to determine the right system is designed and installed. With pretty much everything we do cost is always a primary consideration; however with gate automation SAFETY comes first. Gate automation installed by amateurs is dangerous and carries very high risks.

SAFETY for the Installers

Below is a brief overview of how we approach your enquiry and installation, which begins with a further note on safety.

The automatic gate, barrier and entranceway industry in the UK is becoming increasingly concerned with safety & for very good reason. Numerous unfortunate, avoidable accidents have made headlines in the past 5 years.

We believe that the CAMESAFE Certificate is the only comprehensive accreditation covering the application of the Machinery Directive and EN Standards in relation to gate and barrier automation. 

"The CAMESAFE Installer Certificate is a new accreditation for all installers of gate and barrier automation systems. Designed around meeting the UK safety laws in relation to automated entranceways, the certificate provides a real understanding of the requirements and enables individuals and companies a new level of automation safety". (Came,, 2014).

Assurance For Electric Gate Customers

CAMESAFE installers have verifiable evidence of their safe installation competency to help provide you with real confidence when choosing your automation installer.Using the CAME range of gate automation components covers all designs of gates. If required, we have good contacts with recommended builders, landscapers and fabricators for the manufacture of your gate design and surrounding area. 

SAL hold the CAMESAFE Installer Accreditation

Your Enquiry:

SAL can carry out free surveys in our operational work area or can initially work to your plans and specification. We will discuss all aspects of the vehicle and pedestrian strategy, gate and automation design, power and groundwork requirements, entry/exit methods, extra safety options, communications and overall appearance. Once we have generally agreed a project we will provide a comprehensive proposal and price clearly showing our recommendations and any specialist works required by other contractors. With all of our new installations we programme in a FREE 6 month check to make any adjustments necessary. You can either book further maintenance visits on an ad-hoc basis or we can offer you a choice of maintenance contracts. 

Whether you are pricing a project for a private house or a commercial application with pedestrian, vehicle and DDA requirements, SAL can offer you a comprehensive design and installation service.

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