“Free TV, from a digital aerial”


Freeview offers over 50 TV channels, 10 HD channels, and 20+ radio stations. In fact over 95% of the nation’s favourite programmes are available subscription-free through your digital aerial.

SAL offer supply, installation and demonstration of the very latest Freeview receiving technology. All you need to get you viewing this free service is a good quality aerial and a connection to a Freeview TV set or an analogue TV with a Freeview set top box – all of which SAL can supply and install for you (most TV’s built within the last 5 years come with a pre-installed Freesat receiver). 

Please call our office staff on 01843 865673 for a quote to get Freeview running perfectly in your home. 

Freeview +

Are you looking for something extra from the Freeview service? Then why not upgrade to a Freeview digital TV recorder
•    Record a whole series to create your own box set
•    Pause live TV so that you can pop out and make that cuppa
•    Rewind those ‘I can’t believe he just said that’ moments
•    Favourite programmes on at the same time? Record one series whilst watching another with Freeview+.

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