Whether you're looking for Closed Circuit Television for commercial purposes or domestic premises, SAL will have the right system for you at the right price. We’re able to offer free planning and survey for a range of high quality products that includes Home Observation Systems, Functional & IP CCTV cameras with DVR/NVR recorders linked to the Internet for viewing anywhere in the world.

Security Solutions

We work with manufacturers and suppliers of CCTV products, so we can provide you with the best CCTV systems at the most cost effective prices. We offer an extensive service, which includes:

•    Functional wired & wireless CCTV cameras
•    IP CCTV systems
•    Observation systems
•    Car Park NPR systems
•    Commissioning
•    Training
•    After-sales maintenance contracts or ad-hoc servicing and repairs

About the CCTV we offer

CCTV has been around for a long time, initially it was only for large corporate security but over time prices have decreased to the point where CCTV systems are now affordable for many. With high demand, technologies within the CCTV industry have taken a huge leap over the past 10 years, we now have high definition CCTV cameras available in two formats - HD SDI CCTV or IP CCTV.

HD SDI CCTV is available in 720P & 1080P resolutions. HD-SDI was invented to replace analogue CCTV, it still uses the same coax cable - so is an ideal option for anyone looking to replace an old system, if your cable is good quality RG59 coax cable you will be able to use this with the HD-SDI Cameras / Recorder.
Our engineers can survey your site to check what can be used to keep the cost down.

IP CCTV is very different; it uses Ethernet cable and runs over your network. It has numerous resolutions available from standard definition to 1080P - AND even higher. IP Cameras are almost limitless in their resolutions - from a cost effective point of view we currently install IP Cameras with a maximum resolution of 5.0 Megapixels, that's more than twice the resolution of 1080P!

What CCTV is right for you?

We are often asked what’s the best system for a customer and it’s very difficult to say - but of course we are happy to advise. Basically your budget will determine what format you can go for. 
A few tips though, we consider the most important factor the resolution, and of course the higher the resolution the better quality image your CCTV system will produce, so the better chance of capturing the required detail on that all important image.
So to sum up - we advise all customers to buy the highest resolution CCTV that fits your budget.

Viewing your CCTV Cameras over the internet

This is a great development with CCTV - "remote viewing" (or networking as it's often called) - basically all of our systems (including SD CCTV, HD SDI & our IP CCTV Systems) come with the ability to log into them and view them remotely over the internet, whether that be from a computer with an internet connection, or even your smart phone while you are out and about.

It can be a complicated process, but SAL will set up the system and offer comprehensive on-site training to get you up & running, PLUS we are here for that all important on-going back up service and maintenance.

If you are think of installing CCTV, give us a ring for some free advice and a quote

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