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Getting the most out of your broadband connection

If you want the best out of your broadband connection then SAL can help you do that. The first stage is to ensure you buy the right broadband package for your home; this could be via BT, SKY or one of the many other suppliers offering special offers on a weekly basis.

The choice is yours but before you do make that change its worth considering a few points first.
How many bits of equipment do you need connected? are they going to be all on together? do they need to be fixed or mobile? all have a bearing on what you should be looking for in your broadband supplier.

SAL can recommend broadband suppliers but we base our proposals on your system requirements, not the best money deal. Reason being is we take into account the big picture-literally!

Here is a brief summary:-

A Home Data or WiFi Network allows distribution throughout the home of incoming Digital TV signals, telephone and broadband services via a structured cabling or a combined data switch & WiFi router system. Correctly installed systems allow a flexible and convenient method of distribution, which allows you to use your SMART TV, laptop, PC, games consoles, tablets and phones all seamlessly without interruption. Any Home Network outlet socket in any room can be a TV, Data (computer - internet etc) or Telephone outlet. SAL can help you decide on the number of network ports needed in your home. 

With a Structured Cable System, all cables to each point are a high quality Cat5 or Cat 6, which will provide a choice of High Definition TV, Data & Telephone. 

A Wi-Fi system works without internal cabling. A router is connected direct to the broadband telephone socket and signals are sent wirelessly throughout the house. In larger properties or where the construction limits the transmission of wireless signals SAL can test the signals and make recommendations for WiFi boosters that evenly distribute the signals to each room.

Whatever your networking requirements are, SAL can advise, quote and install a cost effective and efficient solution.

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