Telephony Based Door Entry Systems

There are going to be projects where installing or upgrading a wired door entry system is simply just too difficult. SAL have a solution!

A Telephony Door Entry System has no wires or handsets in each apartment. It works through either a BT telephone line or a SIM Card.

These systems are an excellent choice for retro fitting or introducing to a building where cabling cannot be hidden/ They are audio only but if there is a communal TV system we can add a camera to each entrance to link to all TV’s in each apartment.

Like wired systems there is a choice of cost effective analogue panels for the smaller blocks and digital panels for larger systems when there is no limit to the amount of entrances or users.

Other advantages include; easy installation, ability to answer the caller and open the front door from any phone any where in the world!

Telephony Based Systems do require a dedicated BT line or SIM card where the private management company usually re-charges the standing and usage charges back to the resident. Housing Associations often absorb the costs into their rental charges.

Residents will need a landline phone or mobile to communicate with their entrance and release the door.

How does a Telephone Based Door Entry Systems Work?

When visitors press a button to call a resident from the telephone-based door entry panel, the system simply speed dials the pre-programmed telephone numbers (land line or mobile). 

The resident can open the door by pressing a key on their telephone keypad, and (if their panel includes video) check the feed from the camera on their television.

Our authorised installer status includes Telguard & NACD

If you are think of installing a Telephony Based Door Entry System, contact us for some free advice and a quote.

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