Proximity Access Systems

Access Control Systems come in a variety of formats including proximity, biometric and keypad entry.
The most important decision is going to be what works best for the user and the Management Company or landlord. There is a tremendous choice of systems and suppliers, most being very versatile, reliable and cost effective.

SAL works with a number of well-known Access Control manufactures to provide you with a bespoke access system that fits the needs of both the end-user and the Management Company. Above all, we work with you, ensuring a top class installation at an affordable price. We can work from your plans or design a system for you from scratch. All our system design is supported by the preferred manufacture.

Our final system design is only proposed after we have discussed the pedestrian and vehicle strategy for the development, covering every use from visitor, resident, trades, emergency services, concierge and central management of the fobs. Our systems range from a simple stand-alone single entrance using either keypad or proximity reader right through to multi-entrance, multi level user, keypad, proximity and biometrics. SAL can design a system that integrates with door entry, vehicle and pedestrian gate automation and build in both DDA and SBD requirements.

Our 25+ years experience in designing and installing Access Control has led to many consultants specifying our services to ensure everyone gets the right product and system installed.
Our authorised installer status includes:

Our authorised installer status includes:

•    Noralsy 
•    Paxton
•    PAC
•    Entrotag
•    KMS
•    Raytel

Other makes can be installed after an initial discussion with our Estimating Department.


In some situations proximity operated systems are not always the best choice and keypad technology is a preferred option:

Just like proximity systems there is a large choice but some manufactures specialise in Keypads and through years of installing we have found the STORM range to be incredibly reliable with products that suit most situations. 

SAL can advise what’s best for your project and to help we have provided a brief description below to get you started. There is nothing like a chat though, so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.


It is essential to provide free access to authorized personnel, whilst securing premises against those who are not. The high-risk practice of issuing duplicate door keys may no longer be acceptable or economically viable. In certain environments Keys (or cards) are regularly lost, stolen or copied. If a breach in security is suspected, locks must be changed and new keys (or cards) issued. This is not practical on a repeated or routine basis.

The fitting of a STORM Keypad provides a secure, efficient and cost effective solution. Authorised personnel can be allocated a ‘Personal Identification Number’ (PIN) which, when entered into the keypad, triggers an electrically operated strike or lock. This permits instant access through a normally locked door or barrier. PIN codes can be regularly changed to maintain system security, or can be withdrawn at any time to discontinue an individual’s access to the secured area. Code holders can be given access to selected areas and debarred from others. 

For example; an office worker’s PIN code can be programmed to allow access to an administration centre but prohibit access to a stores area; whereas the Store Manager’s PIN code can be programmed to access both the administration centre and the stores area. PIN codes can be programmed to unlock a door and leave it unlocked (latched) until the code is re-entered. Alternatively they can be programmed to unlock the door for a pre-set time allowing just one person to enter before the door re-locks.

SAL recommend and install the STORM range of keypads. If your requirements are just for a single door or a multi-user, multi-door system, SAL & STORM will have the right system for you.

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