Home Audio & Video Systems

Southern Antennae Limited (SAL) specialise in multi-room audio & video systems (AV). Our systems let you play iTunes, Internet Radio and Spotify anywhere in the home. We can design a system that distributes TV and films at full HD quality, throughout your home.

If you are thinking of an AV system that you can easily operate and control from any room in your home, then take a look below at what we can achieve:

•    Multi-Room Audio & Video Setup will allow you to enjoy SKY HD around your home
•    Enjoy high definition films anywhere in the home with Whole House AV Distribution
•    Enjoy your Music Collection anywhere in the home
•    Listen to your HI-FI anywhere in the home with our Sonos or Systemline Multi-Room Audio Systems
•    Watch and listen to different programs in each room with a fully integrated Home Entertainment System

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